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Portfolio management
Get a quick snapshot of your entire portfolio on different exchanges

Cryptocurrency trading is a time-sensitive activity. Being able to review your entire portfolio in one place will help you make faster trading decisions.

We currently support Bittrex and Binance, more exchanges are on the way!

Mobile Trading
Start trading on the go - anytime, anywhere

Have you ever needed to make a trade, but were away from your computer? No more! Trade right from your phone and avoid missed opportunities.

We are declaring war on missed crypto opportunities!

Signal management
Trading signals the way it's supposed to be

Beacoin replaces confusing chat messages with a streamlined cryptocurrency buy/sell signals delivered right to your device.

Choose from Push notifications, Email, SMS Text, or all at once!


We get it, security is a huge concern these days, especially on mobile. This is exactly why we started Beacoin, to provide maximum security and absolute privacy.

API Keys are encrypted and never leave your iOS or Android device. We never track, share or analyze data related to your communication with exchange. Everything stays private.


Unfortunately in the signal trader community, there are some dishonest folks out there manipulating signal history to look better and attract more users to purchase memberships.

We choose to be forthcoming and prevent any such manipulation by getting the market prices directly when the signal is created. When the trader closes the signal, we know exactly how good the signal was and we pass that on to you.


Get notified for only the updates you care about with the press of a button.

Manage your trade strategies, execute trades based on the signal, and be notified automatically on signals you follow. Easily stay up to date with the market without having to do a thing.

Created by Traders for Traders

Signal buyers trade on the go, but sending a signal from a mobile device is not conventient and leads to mistakes.

Our web app focuses on making the signal traders work as easy as possible.

Free/Paid Channels

Handle single or multiple channels for your user base.

Attract users using free channels and upgrade to paid tier from there.

Signal command

Make sure your signals are always accurate - you select the hot coins, we figure out the rest.

Add notes, images and attachments to your signals to provide extended information your users will appreciate.


Not everything is signals.

Inform your users about the latest market trends or send a general note related to your channel.

User supervision

Review, invite and remove your users easily.

Would integrated billing of your paid channels save you a lot of time, or a LOT of time?

Open API

Integrate your own server to create channels, manage users, send signals and notes.

This way you can just rely on our mobile experience.

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